ASC Fine Wines Opened its New Wine Residence in Shanghai

ASC Fine Wines, one of China’s biggest importers, opened its $4.5-million wine mansion in Shanghai’s former French Concession area.

The 6,500-square-metre new Shanghai Wine Residence is the flagship venue in China and the first operation in China to bring customers the very best in wine experience up to an unrivalled level of service and trust.

There’s plenty of social activity at the so-called “Wine Residence” – although no swimming, with or without swimwear. That’s because the basement pool in what was built as the club house of a luxury high-rise tower is now an enormous refrigerated wine cellar, with individual wine lockers for full members who spend over 150,000 yuan each year on wine at the club.

The first floor of the stately 6,500-square meter building is a retail space, open to the public, where bottles start at an affordable 200 yuan. The higher floors contain lavishly appointed rooms for dining and wine tasting. The top floor has a dance floor and cigar room, where on Saturday night some of the world’s most prominent winemakers partied with Chinese billionaires in an atmosphere much more in tune with Shanghai in the Roaring 1920s than the sober present day.