Work Scope: Interior Design (Full Service)

Project Team: Jeffrey Zee, Alice Kuo, Ryan Zhang, Vic Wang

Location: Shanghai, China

GFA: 6530 m²

As the largest and most well-known wine importer in China, ASC occupied a stand-alone building within the prestigious Hengshan Lu 41 complex for their latest Wine Gallery and Clubhouse. The goal is to create a multi-functional, all-in-one wine experience facility that is opened to their VIP members and government officials. The venue is divided into 6 levels; each promoting wine culture in various ways. The outdoor courtyard also provides a natural environment for events as weather permits.B2 level : offices, back of house, storage – trade wine


  • B1 level: private wine lockers, corporate lockers, ASC fine wine storage – store wine; collect wine
  • 2nd level: banquet hall – share wine
  • 3rd level: Chinese style restaurant, VIP rooms – private share wine
  • 4th level: Western style restaurant, VIP rooms – private share wine


In order to maintain the consistency of the neo-classical architecture style of the building, the design style of the interior is conservative in principle but a fusion of eastern and western design elements is also integrated throughout each space. The floor is a mix of various stone patterns and dark textured wood while the ceiling is decorated with elegant molding details. The material concept is also based on the fundamentals of the wine-making process. Stone and earth tones are selected for the basement 1 level, referencing the agricultural aspect of the grape growing process. Stainless steel, wood and glass is used throughout the upper levels, referring to the fermentation, barreling and bottling of wine respectively. Finally, the space planning of the venue is also well-thought-out. The whole complex can host numerous wine events simultaneously, from small groups of 8 people in private dining rooms to a maximum of 200 people at the banquet room. Through this project, ASC will again establish itself as the leader in the premium wine industry.