Work Scope:Interior Design

Project Team: Jeffrey Zee, Aaron Tang, Duke Yan, Katie Zheng, Kinnan Gu

Location: Shanghai, China

GFA: 120 m²

KTM will be introducing its very first flagship showroom in Xintiandi, Shanghai as a gateway to the largest potential market in the world – China. Not only will the showroom will be highlight for the KTM brand to showcase its latest automobiles to the Chinese audience, but also to all the car fans from the rest of the world its branding potential and possibilities – from co-brand promotions to merchandise to racing events… etc.


Expanding from the KTM’s motorcycle heritage, the primary colors and materials are specifically chosen to relate to the actual products as well as brand image. The sharp orange is used sparingly to contrast with the white and grey background, as illustrated from their CI requirements. The overall design shape is modern and futuristic; with undulating, three-dimensional surfaces that “cocoons” the central feature. The show car is be elevated on a rotating stand, providing buyers and bystanders a 360-degree view of the state-of-the-art design of the X-bow. The enormous LED screen, combined with embedded surround sound system, contributes to our audience an unforgettable experience as if one is actually racing on the track. We believe by invigorating this passion from all senses, our customers will be thrilled to become an owner of such an unique product.


Design goal :

  1. To create an eye-catching and exciting venue for anyone who is or is not familiar with the KTM brand
  2. To provide various interactive environment for potential buyers to experience all products
  3. To establish a mid-to-high end brand image for all potential buyers
  4. To setup a design guideline and quality standard for future local dealership franchises