Work Scope: Interior Design

Project Team: Jeffrey Zee, Aaron Tang, Danel, Tony

Location: Shanghai, China

GFA: 354 m²

Situated at the same location as the old dealership, the Lamborghini Shanghai flagship showroom is a complete retrofit of the 350 square meter space where all the design elements are compliant to the design requirements of the Corporate Identity package from Lamborghini Headquarter at Sant’Agata, Bolognese, Italy. The space is divided into the main exhibition space, a open discussion area, an entry/reception area, and a more formal conference room.


The design has very minimal and modern style, where stark white ceiling, walls and dark Italian floor tiles contrast with the aggressive lines and vibrant colors of Lamborghini vehicles. In addition to function as a greeting station, the reception now also serves as a espresso bar during events. Vehicles along the super-white glass facade are shown on the elevated platform known as the “catwalk.” The 200mm-tall platform is supported by steel frames and surfaced with a metallic paint known as “liquid asphalt.” Numerous tests were also performed on the sloping structure to ensure that, when the vehicle is driven up the slope, its bottom does not get scrape.


Lighting fixtures and wall cabinets are also finished to the Italian specifications, and even the thickness and color of the grout lines of the floor tiles are constructed precisely according to their requirements. The meticulous attention to detail in this project is crucial.


Closely resembling the minimal lines of the interior, the exterior is a drastic makeover from the previous design. The long clean lines of the elevation accentuates the overall width of the space while the curved corner at the end unifies the showroom with the building above.