Work Scope:Interior Design

Project Team: Jeffrey Zee, Aaron Tang

Location: Shanghai, China

GFA: 180 m²

The integration of VIP party rooms within Muse at Park 97 prove to a success where groups of 30 or more can enjoy various activities in the privacy of the room. The goal of the 150-sqm space is to provide an comfort yet luxury environment similar to a high-end hotel suite or private villa. The overall tone is warm, with wood veneer combining with rose gold stainless steel and textured sandstone on the wall. The main sitting area is generously comfortable for 12 or more while there is also another side area for games or private chats. The grey pool table sits on the other side of the room with a service bar area for guests to order and enjoy their drinks. The 3m-long dining table, with hanging mirror balls, further enhance the “luxurious lifestyle,” while the white piano at the corner adds the final touches to the ultimate party suite.