Work Scope: Interior Design

Project Team: Jeffrey Zee, Aaron Tang, Emily Yang, Tony Gu, Kinnan Gu

Location: Shanghai, China

GFA: 1,225 m²

Design concept for Muse on the Bund

Located along the beautiful Bund and next to the prestigious Peninsula Hotel, the new Muse flagship venue is destined to become the next high profile clubs in Shanghai. The total floor area of over 3,000 sqm is separated into 5 sections: an upscale Italian restaurant, a lounge area, the main club area, 11 VIP rooms and a rooftop terrace.


Since the space itself is an old historical structure which links a new brick and glass building through bridges, the central design theme revolves around creating a fusion between the heritage of the old and the trendy international entertainment venue.


The main feature of the club is a central island bar with a 24-sqm chiseled glass cellar which greets every guest as s/he enters the venue through the elevator doors. The lounge area, furnished with luxurious red leather couches and chandeliers, is on the immediate left. The main corridor that connects all the sections together is decorated with lit full-height acrylic panels engraved with modern interpretation of Gothic details.


The DJ booth, combined with performing dance stages on either side, is featured in the center of the club area, visible from all corners of the venue. Various steps within the club break down areas for the different functions as well as the overall perception of the space. Glass enclosed VIP booths towards the back are elevated to ensure line of sight to the DJ booth and stage remains unobstructed. Playing with textures, rather than materials, is the main design focus for the club area. Stone of various sizes are cut and detailed to add emphasis to the modern Gothic surroundings.