Completion: March, 2016

Location: Hangzhou, China

Project Team: Jeffrey Zee, Elizabeth Wang

Work Scope:Interior Design

Brief project introduction:

The brand PHISKIN was originally established back in 2012, with their first location in central Shanghai, off HuaiHai road. The brand prides itself with an international team of experts in field of anti-aging, beauty and spa treatments. However, the brand goes beyond the typical health care facility as it also provides regular educational seminars, merchandise experiences and specific Asian and Western well-being programs within a full-service clubhouse. The project venue is located in central Hangzhou. It took around 3 months for design and 5 months for permitting and construction.


Project requirement:

The design goal is to rethink the traditional health-care facility and to recreate a bespoke, well-being experience where products, design and services all combined to enhance and upgrade brand identity and customer experience. With around 900 square meters of floor area, and a ceiling height of almost 5m, the overall plan layout combines various consultant rooms, laser and injection rooms, a certified surgery room, a photo-studio, a multi-functional living space with merchandize experience center, a VIP ladies lounge, massage rooms, and doctors’ offices.



As we mix and match various cultural and design elements that represent natural beauty, professionalism, proportions, textures, and artistic expression during the design phase, we also face a bigger challenge as we combine requirements of a typical healthcare facility, a seminar/event space, a retail display area, lifestyle lounge and a spa. For example, as professional and certified medical facility, the venue has to go through a very rigorous approval and licensing process. The mechanical system also has to fulfill a much higher standard required for a medical facility. The final design therefore has to combine every legal, practical as well as aesthetic requirement.

In addition, in term of material selection, we go beyond the usual criterion as most of the materials selected are sustainable. For example, high-grade textured linoleum flooring as the main flooring material is both bio-degradable and easily maintained. The wall panels are made from recycled density boards and all lighting source, from spot lights to lighting strips, are LEDs.


Design solutions:

Although the targeted customers are mostly females, the overall design style is more neutral and elegant. Overall material palette is light but warm, with a mix of customized east and west design feature which reflect the international background of the brand. At the main entrance, the circular reception desk is inspired by the traditional Asian hand held fan made with folder paper. The back lit Greek-inspired logo, as well as other metallic ascents throughout the project, is made with rose gold stainless steel for a slight hint of hand-crafted luxury. The ceiling is designed with recessed layers of the similar circular geometry, mimicking the contours of the Zen sand garden. While the symmetrical air diffusers on the ceiling are custom-made with the logo monogram, the center hanging pendant light is also another bespoke piece made with fiber optics for a modern look.


The combination of the matte finished, grey stone flooring tiles, and the back wall, decorated with a custom hand-painted wall covering featuring a modern interpretation of traditional Chinese water color painting, creates an understated and welcoming entrance.


An undulating corridor, inspired by a gently flowing stream, leads guests to the various consulting rooms, VIP lounge and also the main multi-purpose living space.
The VIP ladies lounge is a more intimate area for private gatherings and demonstrations. Combining floral patterned carpet, etched glass panels and custom-made lighting fixtures, the design style is inspired by the elegance and romance of high-end fashion labels.


The multi-functional living space can be used as a waiting lounge, or a seminar/event space. The “natural beauty” theme is carried throughout by another hand-crafted, “willow” wall covering, and the lavender fabric sofa further enhanced the serenity of the space.



As the economy in China continues to grow, demand for professional medical services will always be on the rise. PHISKIN is no exception. Even since the first venue opened in Shanghai 4 years ago, the PHISKIN brand has grown rapidly as initial funding from venture capitalists have injected millions into the business. Expansion to other second and third tier cities throughout China has already been confirmed over the next 5 years. Moreover, the unique combination of the various services makes the brand a versatile business model. Depending on the location and target customers, the program mix can be adapted accordingly. More importantly, the upscale yet understated design style has emphasized the uncompromised quality of professionalism and service. As a result, we have created a uniquely successful and coherent package that appeals to the increasingly demanding customers throughout China.