Work Scope: Interior Design

Project Team: Jeffrey Zee, Aaron Tang

Location: Suzhou China

GFA: 1000 m²

Located at the newly-developed Central Business District, REVEL is a newcomer to the ever-changing entertainment scene in Suzhou. The design goal is to develop a high-end venue with the essence of Suzhou’s characteristic and heritage.
The initial design concept is inspired by the shape of a hexagon as seen in window openings from traditional Suzhou garden architecture. This fundamental element is then re-interpreted and translated into other design details throughout the space.

The REVEL logo at the entry lobby is made with custom-cut stone and stainless steel and protrudes to create a three-dimensional breath-taking feature. The bottle storage shelves are created with rose-gold stainless steel in various scales of hexagons. The semi-open ceiling is again made with custom-cut stainless plates in hexagon combinations.
As the main features of the club, the DJ booth and main performance stage are situated at the center point of the venue, where every guest would have unobstructed views of. The main bar, which sits across from the DJ booth, is also made of custom-cut stone and stainless steel.

Combining with animation projection on the wall above, the bar gives audience visual stimuli from every direction of the space. The two VIP rooms at the rear of the space provides see-through transparent/translucent glass to bring the outside view in, or not, with a touch of button. The overall result is a fusion of traditional Suzhou elements within a sophisticated entertainment environment.