JFR design studio is founded by Jeffrey Zee with a team of energetic and highly creative designers. With over 30 years of combined design experience, the JFR design studio specializes on conceptualizing and completing commercial projects focusing on Hospitality, Entertainment and Lifestyle projects. Specific Project types include high-end night clubs, exhibition showrooms, brand flagship stores, boutique hotels fitness centers and upscale dining and so on.


JFR design studio represents a collective group of innovative designers from various backgrounds and cultures, and forms an open and creative environment where we constantly challenge the norms and mediocrity of the current design practice and processes. Through this collaboration we generate unique project experiences by working closely with various partners and end-users.


While JFR studio has accumulated years of project experience throughout China, we continue to push beyond the boundaries of conventional design methodologies. Our professional team assist our clients from brand positioning, integration of resources, explore effective business model, and ultimately throughout design concept and implementation.


Based this process of thorough research and design, we are then capable of achieving an innovative design experience that is unique in every way. And it is this spirit and attention to detail that sets us apart from others.