Revel Club Grand Opening

REVEL is Suzhou’s premium entertainment venue located on SIP (Suzhou Industrial Park), CBD area within major international luxury brand including. Created the unique destination with Su garden and modern element design, investment of million to leading entertainment life as the top venue in Suzhou.


The 1000 square meter space is divided into three areas: REVEL Lounge, REVEL Club and REVEL VIP Room. The club is divided through the middle by a long narrow stage. The sofa area on one side is populated with Chinese consumers. On the other side, the bar is filled with thirsty revelers, and there are lots of tables nearby to sit at. Finally, in the center sits a huge space used as a dance floor, where people are showcasing all their grooves.


The place plays lounge music from 6-9pm aimed at the Japanese expats who just want to get a quick drink after work. Later during the night, DJs start to spin house music. REVEL has decent cocktails and their special REVEL beer is highly recommended.